Hi all,
Can anyone please solve my issues that I'm facing in kgdboe in rhel
2.6.18 kernel
I made the setup fine for kgdboe and the dmesg also says
Kernel command line: auto BOOT_IMAGE=kams ro root=302 console=ttyS0
panic=3 init=/sbin/isd/conslog k
kgdboe: local port 6443
kgdboe: local IP
kgdboe: interface eth2
kgdboe: remote port 6443
kgdboe: remote IP
kgdboe: remote ethernet address 00:90:27:99:0b:c7
kgdboe: device eth2 not up yet, forcing it
kgdboe: timeout waiting for carrier
kgdboe: debugging over ethernet enabled
new softnet_RX max time 0x00000000000019c4 cc (2 us)

but I'm unable to connect to my test system ( from
development system( I downloaded the patch from
http://kgdb.linsyssoft.com and followed the procedure as prescribed.

when I try to connect it says "connection refused". Actually the
packet is reaching the test system, but it is not processing it. It is
not even replying to ICMP packets. Expecting a prompt reply.

FYI: I disabled NAPI for e1000 and SELINUX while creating the bzImage