In case you need to move a lot of printers from a system running
redhat Enterprise version 4 to another you can use the following
( I';ve read that it is not supported in version 5 anymore and you
have to script the whole thing)
Go to source system:
as root type and execute: #system-config-printer-tui --Xexport

copy the following files to the destination sytem:
settings.xml just created in first step
and maybe you want to copy the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file too. (if you
do it, check the file before starting the cups service in the
destination system, especially for IP references that could be
pointing to the source system).

copy all ppd definitions (inside /etc/cups/ can create a
tar file and copy it to the destination).

In the destination:
Stop cups: #service cups stop.

Repace all the above files in the destination system with the ones
from the source.

execute: #system-config-printer-tui --Ximport from the first step).
Make sure that printers.conf and all ppds are copied and placed in the
right directory.

Start cups (service cups start)

---now you can check your printers with: # lpstat -v

that's all folks.