I am looking for a reliable SATA raid controller (preferably <$250) that is
natively supported in RH5. I only need raid-1.

I looked at LSI SAS3041X-R, but their support could not tell me if RH5 had
native drivers for it and said they only support it with their drivers. The
problem with this is that I need to be able to run up2date, including kernel
updates, without having issues like LSI's driver not supporting the latest
up2date kernel or build the kernel from source, etc.

Is there anyone using LSIs SAS/SATA raid controllers in RH 5 servers that
could tell me if there are native drivers for LSI, and if they work well?

If not, any other recommendations on reliable raid controllers that are
natively supported (I know Adaptec used to be, but have not checked them