Allen Kistler wrote:
> Jim Jaworski wrote:
>> Jesse Petre wrote:
>>> Maybe there just haven't been any updates?
>>> --
>>> Jesse

>> At the minimum there should have already been a new release of the
>> kernel by now.

> ... of course, just try to *find* it ... although it does seem like
> they've got most of the old packages signed with the new key. Trying to
> find the new key is still a challenge, too. It should be at
> Maybe next week.

I just checked. The new Fedora key is now on the PGP server. FWIW, I
got the key index from under the heading
"Currently used keys." It's also eventually supposed to be in a new
fedora-release package signed with the old key.

The Fedora packages "released" yesterday still aren't available for
download. There was an announcement (dated yesterday, but didn't show
up in email until this morning) that they're still waiting for the
mirrors to sync all the old packages with their new signatures.