What is the actual purpose of pulse audio? What is it supposed to be good for?
I am sure that it's purpose must not be to make us curse.

So far I had serious sound problems which vanished once I uninstalled it.
I had some issues with Fedora 8 after I moved the hard disk from a single processor
AMD64 to a dual processor AMD64, so I reinstalled it but this time using a respin,
the version with 3 DVD and 1 CD. Since I had some issues with the codecs for some
Qu├ębec stations that I like to listen to I installed the 32 bits version.
What I found was a system with apparently no sound. I would bring the sound
volume to the max and could barely hear anything. I accidentally got sound
at one time when I had the external amplifier almost to max volume.
I then looked at the mixer to force the volume to max, not much room to work
with. It seemed to partly fix the sound until the next power up where sound
volume was way down again. There didn't seem to be any way to fix the problem.
This was very annoying considering that I've never had that problem before.
It worked well on the previous Fedora 8 install.
After running Real Audio and having it crash I got quite pissed off.
I bought Mandriva and installed it to find out that the problem is there as well.
I then thought that I got screwed with the new motherboard.
After a search on something about Real Audio and crashes I found that Mandriva
comes with pulse audio installed by defaut and it creates problem.
After disabling pulse audio (it doesn't seem possible to uninstall it with
uninstalling important stuff) the crashing problem went away.
Good, I rebooted on Fedora 8 to find out that some trojan must have installed
that crap without me knowing about it. (or some moron added it as a must install)
I tried to uninstall it but it wanted to uninstall lotsa stuff. I then went
one by one and found out that I had to leave a pulse audio library.

Now everything works well. What is the deal here?

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