A question came up over a month ago which has disappeared from my local news
spool. It was with regard to conflicting packages at which point yum would
find an error and exit INSTEAD OF upgrading/updating everything but the
conflict. The words in caps are a hint to yum developers.

I do not recall which newsgroup I read it in so I post to the three I read.

Anyway I was having the same problem and was simply doing piecemeal selective
upgrades of packages that did not involve the conflict. I finally paid
attention to yum messages.

The solution which is hardly clever at all is to use the --exclude option in
yum as follows in a script.

# yum --exclude=pango* --exclude=libexif* --exclude=openldap* -y upgrade
yum --exclude=NetworkManager* --exclude=curl* -y upgrade

Originally my problem was pango. Currently it is NetworkManager and curl.

With this script it has upgraded everything but the problem packages without
further intervention.