Hi list,
I am using RHEL 3.0, 5.0 (32 bit) and 5.0 (64 bit)
systems. I read the man pages of WTMP viz man (5) wtmp and I find the
following line -

Furthermore, the terminal name ~ with user name shutdown or reboot
indicates a system shutdown or reboot and the
pair of terminal names |/} logs the old/new system time when
date(1) changes it.

I then used the program /usr/bin/utmpdump with the option
-f to monitor the wtmp file located at /var/log/wtmp. In a separate
terminal, I change the system date with the date(1) command. This is
not being updated in the WTMP file.

Am I missing anything here? Or do I need to monitor any
other file for date changes to be reflected?
This is the same behaviour on all the 3 flavours of OS mentioned

Please help me out in this....

Thanks In Advance,