When making a transition from Fedora Core 7 to Fedora 8, our
single-sided printing printing has gotten dodgy.

In more detail: We have an HP LaserJet 4250, which goes by the name
"ps813" in duplex mode and "ps813-s" in single-sided mode.

I have noticed that some printing tasks are not printing with the
expected sidedness. For example,
dvips -Pps813-s foo.dvi
produces two-sided output. The same if I use xpdf to print foo.pdf on
ps813-s. However, if I use acroread to print foo.pdf on ps813-s, I
get the proper two-sided copy.

Any explanations? Any suggestions? Many thanks!

Art Werschulz (agw STRUDEL comcast.net)
207 Stoughton Ave Cranford NJ 07016
(908) 272-1146