On 10 Sep 2007 01:43:56 GMT, Jeff Silverman

>I am running FC6 and I have the rhnsd running to keep my rpms up to date.
>How do I upgrade this machine to FC7? Is that even a good idea?
>Many thanks,
>Jeff Silverman

The suggestions made by others here to keep FC6 while it is still
supported and/or install FC7 on a separate partition certainly seem
like good ones to me as well, in general, but in some cases upgrading
might be useful - whether it is more trouble than it is worth may
depend on how much you have customized the system, how much disk space
you have, who knows. What worked for me (in case someone decides to
do the upgrade, though of course I can't guarantee everyone's results)
was as follows:

(1) Edit /etc/fstab, so it uses FC7's hard disk naming scheme. That
means /dev/hd** (if any) becomes /dev/sd**, but for hard disks only,
not CD or DVD drives, and omitting the gaps in the name sequence
associated with unused positions on an IDE controller. For example,
if you have IDE hard disks at hda and hdc, nothing else on an IDE
controller, and one SATA hard disk at sda under FC6, then hda becomes
sda under FC7, hdc becomes sdb, and the former sda becomes sdc.
Unnecessary if you don't have IDE hard disks; otherwise probably
trivial if your drive configuration is simple; otherwise probably a
big pain. I don't know why that wasn't automated in the installer,
but anyway....

(2) Run the FC7 installer however you do, from the DVD or whatever.
Select the upgrade option when it is offered by the installer, and
select the FC6 installation as the one to upgrade. That much should
be pretty straight forward from the installer interface, but by itself
it will leave a lot of incompatible FC6 packages in place.

(3) After the installer finishes its upgrade step, boot the new system
and use "rpm -U --oldpackage" to install all of FC7's packages
beginning with "rpm" and the one beginning with "popt". Otherwise,
yum won't work. Then use "yum update" to complete the upgrade. This
may take a long time, and will of course require a reboot, but from
what I can see it results in a fully working FC7 system.