I'm try to use devlabel with RHEL3U4 and ran into some minor problems.
Specifically, after adding a device with devlabel devlabel doesn't do
anything when I plug in the device unless I do an "devlabel restart" as root.

E.g. here's what I do and here's what happens

(As root)

1. Plug in the device (A Cruzer)

2. $devlabel printid -d /dev/sda1

$devlabel add -s /dev/cruzer -u S:SanDiskCruzerMinisector99
SYMLINK: /dev/cruzer -> /dev/sda1
Added /dev/cruzer to /etc/sysconfig/devlabel

$cat /etc/sysconfig/devlabel
/dev/cruzer /dev/sda1 S:SanDiskCruzerMinisector99

$ls /dev/cruzer

3. Remove the device
$ls /dev/cruzer
/dev/cruzer: No such file or directory (I didn't have to do "devlabel restart"!)

4. Plug it back in and wait 10 seconds
$ls /dev/cruzer
/dev/cruzer: No such file or directory

5. $devlabel restart
$ls /dev/cruzer

(Please ignore trivial typos, I'm typing this from memory)

So, anyone know what's going on? Why does unplugging it work but plugging it in
doesn't? Is it some hotplug problem?