My local computer is running RH9 (yeah I should upgrade). The server
is running RHEL.

Normally when I ssh into the server and then type "mozilla &"
X-Forwarding kicks in and the remote copy of mozilla pops up on my
local computer. However today when I did that something really weird
happened. Instead of it being the remote copy, it was a copy of
mozilla on my local computer. I knew this b/c when I tried to find a
file it was using my local computer's files.

The only thing I can think that I did differently was that I had a copy
of mozilla already up and running on my local computer. In testing it
seems this was the problem. I also found out, if I have the remote copy
of mozilla up and try to run my local copy, it opens another window of
the remote copy.

I'd really like to be able to have both. I thought doing a mozilla
--no-xshm would accomplish this, but it doesn't change the behavior.
Is there any way I can untangle this mess?