I'm new to developing under Linux (okay, Unix in general).
I'm attempting to upgrade my php to 5.0.3 and add GD support.
When I run ./configure i get message like
If configure fails try --with-xpm-dir, etc.
now, I've added some specific directories where the .so files are
but my latest error terminating configure is
Unable to fine gd.h anywhere under /usr/local/lib.
It's not in the same dir as the .so, so of course not!

PLease explain &/or direct me to some relevant, and probably detailed, info
on configure, the libraries and perhaps rpm and the libraries. Thank-you.
(I've also had problems getting jpeg-6b support to be recognized - installed
from rpm or compiled locally.!)

Thank-you in advance for your support,

PS. Redirects to other appropriate newsgroups also appreciated.
PPS. Originally posted in comp.os.linux.development (no responses! low ppt