Hi everybody,

I've downloaded and Burned the ISO file of RH Adv Server 3.0. I've
burned it correctly: all files appears correctly into my 650MB CD.
This is the source file:
RHEL3-RHAPS-i386-disc1.iso about 583MB
downloaded from: http://ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/lin...APS/i386/isos/

This is the burned CD content:

Il volume nell'unitÓ D Ŕ RHAPS_3 i386
Numero di serie del volume: 4C31-1E61

Directory di D:\

28/07/2004 22.41 91 .discinfo
28/07/2004 22.40 6.745 EULA
26/09/2003 19.03 18.416 GPL
28/07/2004 22.40 10.558 RELEASE-NOTES
28/07/2004 22.40 2.423 RELEASE-NOTES.RHDS
16/07/2003 01.22 1.910 RPM-GPG-KEY
28/07/2004 22.44 RedHat
28/07/2004 22.44 SRPMS
28/07/2004 22.48 2.211 TRANS.TBL
28/07/2004 22.41 317 autorun
28/07/2004 22.41 3.228 display_eula.py
9 File 45.899 byte
2 Directory 0 byte disponibili

Now the problem: I've tried three different PC and the result are
always the same. Inserted disk, check about CDROM boot first in BIOS,
then reboot. In two of them the boot hangs and the PC doesn't boot
(but I got no "F1 strike to go ..." message on the screen as well!!
Strange!!. In one of them the PC wait a little bit then starts with
MS_XP the other already loaded OS.

Any help will be appreciate. Thanks,