Hello there,

I'm having a strange and serious performance problem with Redhat 7.3
running on a HP ML350 G3 dual Xeon server with 1.5 GB of RAM and three
RAID disks on a 641 controller.

Server seems to work all right for three, four, even six days. Then it
becomes absolutely unresponsive but it does not crash. It will not
even display a console screen.

I decided to run via cron the free command each 10 minutes, log this
information and create line graphics to analyze the problem. After
rebooting the server I can see:
1. It takes 2.5 hours for free memory to drop from 1.2 GB to 11 MB.
2. Cached memory grows to almost all free memory and then starts a 45
degree decrease which ends in around 75 MB then it becomes
3. Between 12 and 24 hours before becoming unresponsive memory buffers
suffer a strong decrease and then a steady decrease, reaching values
of 1120K.

This server runs apache, tomcat, postgres, AWStats and tapeware backup
Any help will be greatly appreciated, since I really do not know were
to start.
Could it be Postgres memory settings?
Kernel memory settings?

I have these graphics and memory value table in Excel, if anyone would
like to see them please let me know and I'll send it via email.

thank you all