My desktop has an all-in-one motherboard and the network card embedded
is Intel PRO/100 VE. After installing RedHat 9.0, the whole system
often hang up when downloading files through Internet or browse the
web site after a while.

In checking into the drivers through the GUI ( network controls ),
seems that not updated device driver is being used, something like
Intel PRO. Assuming that was the reason, I finally found that there is
device driver for that NIC from the following URL:*&submit=Go%21

After downloading the driver, I try to install the driver according to
below steps:
1. make install
2. modprobe e100
3. add entry in /etc/modules.conf

however, after rebooting the system , I get the hang up still

In using the "network controls" to check or change, the new device
driver seems not shown for me to select for the NIC.

Could anyone advise :
1. If the driver that get from the above URL is right for the NIC ?
2. If yes, then how should I apply and configure in the RedHat 9.0 ?

Thx. Ivan