For release Feburary 9, 2005

LOS ANGELES - Relational Database Consultants Inc. (RDC) proudly announces
the 4.3 release of the Encryption Wizard for Oracle now shipping with
support for AES Encryption on Oracle 10g. The Encryption Wizard for Oracle
is a java-based database encryption and security tool providing
point-and-click database encryption using Oracle's tested and certified
encryption package DBMS_Crypto.

"With AES implemented", says RDC marketing director Don Parret, "the
Encryption Wizard is not only the most sophisticated encryption software on
the market but is now the most secure. Our customers range from large banks
to railway companies. They all appreciate the ease-of-use and platform
independence of the Encryption Wizard for Oracle."

Along with sophisticated AES encryption features, the Encryption Wizard also
includes powerful auditing tools to enhance security and monitoring of
encrypted data.

Free 30-day evaluations of the Encryption Wizard are available for download