I used to have yum and up2date working fine. My setup was linux running
Fedora RC2 with iptables. I connected to my ISP via a USB modem (ppp)
and to my internal network via eth0. Actually, all the internal pcs got
to the internet via my linux box (port forwarding = 1). The iptables
setup was simple allowing traffic outbound and inbound from any
connection started from inside...

I have now changed the setup as follows. I removed the USB modem. I
now use a router (ethernet and adsl) to connect to the ISP. My linux
box is now just like another machine in the inside network. I have
disable iptables (accept for all rules). I have also setup the router
to portmap ssh and web (80) to my linux box. It all works fine but for
the fact that yum and up2date now hang indefinetely :-( when I do a
netstat I get a SYN_SENT but not connection... What is bizarre is the
entry shown in netstat:

tcp 0 1 SYN_SENT is my linux box. What is ?????

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Many thanks