I'm trying to install FC2 from the 4 CDs. My computer can't boot from
CD-ROM (yes, I've told the BIOS to look at the CD drive first, diskette
second, and hard drive last). It's not the media because it won't boot
Windows or anything else from CD. The system BIOS (AMI) is fairly old
(1992). I couldn't find a boot diskette in the FC2 release but found the
image in FC1 and made a diskette from that (w/rawrite). That boots just
fine but when it gets to the screen that asks "What type of media contains
the packages to be installed" I select [Local CDROM] and it says "Unable to
find any devices of the type needed for this installation type. Would you
like to manually select your driver or use a driver disk?" I choose [Select
driver] and the only device listed is "USB Mass Storage driver for Linux
(usb-storage)". So I tried copying the CD to a hard drive (which has
Windows NT 4 installed) and rebooted. When it asked "What type of media..."
this time I selected [Hard drive] and got the same message (Unable to find
any devices...). Everything (CD-ROM, 2 hard drives, Jaz drive) is connected
to an Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller. What do I need to do to install Fedora
(apart from buying a new system)?