hello to you who want to help me,

my problem is the following:

i've to set up solution for disaster recovery on linux servers.
my idea is to boot the server via PXE and install RedHat linux
with Kickstart. so far so good. this works very good with
RedHat 9. because i have new hardware i had to update some
of the drivers in the boot-kernels' initrd.img which is used
for install. this also works very well.

no my problem: i have several servers with serveral versions
of RedHat linux. there are some with version 9, some with
version 7.3 and some with 6.

my idea is now to use the same boot-kernel (of redhat9) for
installing all versions and only to change the path to the
installationsdata.my first tryings failed cause anaconda
(the redhat installer) complains that the bootkernel is not
the same version as the system i want to install. after that
message anaconda crashes ...

my question is now this one. can somebody tell me step by
step what happens when the boot-kernel is up and anaconda
starts??? in the /RedHat/base directory on the redhat cd's
i've found some *.img files like stage2.img and so on.
can somebody tell me for what this files are used?

thanks to all of you ...