I've got a central syslog server running AS 2.1

I also have a radius server (Running AS 3.0), I use the logger utility
to drop the radius logs to the local syslog facility local3.info.

I check for new entries every minute and send them to syslog - syslog
in turn should forward them to the central syslog server as well as
putting the entries into the local syslog messages file.

Well, they are all getting into the messages file but they are not all
getting into the central syslog server's file.

Has anyone else seen this or know what might be causing this issue?

It's very odd - but I've been suspecting it for some time. I have a
LOT of logging going to this pair of syslog servers. Including a vast
amount of PIX logging. I'm worried that I may be over flowing the
syslog service but I don't see any error messages to speak of (maybe
I'm missing them as well).

All redhat systems, all working fine otherwise.


The Mikester