On Thu, 20 May 2004 11:58:12 -0500 Jim Garrison wrote:

> My first experience with paid-for RHEL is turning up some interesting
> deficiencies.
> So far, I've had to remove the MySQL and OpenLDAP RPMs provided
> with the distro and replace them with versions from their
> respective sites because the RH versions are totally unusable.

I very hardly doubt that!

> The MySQL RPM claimed to be 3.23.58-1, which is the same version
> as the latest 3.23 available from mysql.com. However, it was missing
> several binaries as well as the init.d startup script. Checking
> on the RHN website in case I didn't get all the packages revealed that
> RHN thinks there's only one package, called 'mysql-3.23.58-1'. On
> the mysql.com website there are TWO packages, MySQL-server-3.23.58-1
> and MySQL-clients-3.23.58-1. Since the upper/lower casing is different
> on the two names I couldn't just reinstall, but had to remove RH's
> package, along with all its dependencies, and reinstall from the
> mysql.com packages.

Sorry, big lol. You just installed the client package and of course the
init script is in the server package.

> Today I went to configure OpenLDAP and find that it too is missing the
> init.d startup script as well as the slapd binary.

Same here, just installed the client and not the server.

> I submitted a service request to RedHat yesterday, but haven't had any
> response yet.
> What's going on here? Anyone else seeing this?

The docs should clear you up. If you want to run server services you need
to install the server packages. And of course you should be aware that you
loose support if you do not use the packages RHEL offers you but install
packages from mysql.com or openldap.org.

> Jim Garrison


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