I have here fully functional FC1 installation on Western Digital
20 GB hard disk. I have no problems booting FC1 from it; it
seems to run with no problems whatsoever. The trouble is, when
I decided to upgrade it to FC2, it's installer reported that
disk's partition table is unreabable. It just can't see existing
and fully functional FC1 installation.

The PC has ASUS P4B266-C motherboard, 1 GB of 266DDR RAM, 3COM905B-TXNM
network card and Matrox G550 video card, all of which seem to work
just fine.

I used to have old RH installation on that hard disk (I think it
was RH7), which was later upgraded to RH9, then to FC1.

The funny thing is, when I booted FC1 (Fedore Core *One*) from
it's installation CD, it's installer also reported that partition
table is unreadable. And yet that very FC1, installed some time ago
from that very CD, boots and works just fine.

My feeling is that there is a difference in the way that my existing
FC1 installation on one hand, and both FC1 and FC2 installers on the
other hand, access IDE hard disks. That difference could be critical
for my fairly old Western Digital 20 GB hard disk, which might not
support fast modes that most of the modern hard disks do.

I would greatly apprecaite any help on this problem.

regards, Andray