I installed FC2 - test 3, now FC2 released, on my laptop. I connected
it to my work network through eth0. When I click on the Network menu
option I see the Windows Networks, then the company's domain, then the
list of computers on that domain. I click on my computer and I get a
dialog saying (forget exact wording) "nothing to see here" or "can't
get there from here". It works that way even with 137:udp, 139:udp in
the firewall. Even with the firewall disabled.

If I instead add a location (smb:/mycomputer/Shared) it asks for a
name/password combo and then doesn't let me in either.

What is frustrating about this is it knows all about the network but
doesn't take me the final 12 inches.

Now, if instead I have Mandrake or Knoppix or (insert favorite here)
they use smb4k that *painlessly* sees all and lets me log into the SMB
share. I can (and have) added smb4k to FC2 test 3 and it works, up to
the point of needing suid on parts of smb...

Is there a policy with Fedora of making the thing unable to connect to
SMB networks?