Hello everybody,
I have a serious problem. I installed RedHat Linux Enterprise 3 with
Kernel 2.4.21-4. I have all my mounted points in logical volumes that
are in my Volume Group "Volume00" on a disk of 80 GB. I have another
big HDD 900 GB that i tried to mount making : "pvcreate /dev/sda1" but
the problem is that i choose the bad device i should take /dev/sdb
instead of /dev/sda1 that's my "/boot" i think. So since that action,
i just arrive to a grub shell when i reboot and i don't know how to
return on Linux. I would like to restore my /boot not in PV but in an
ext3 normal partition. what i had when i taped "df -k" :

/dev/Volume00/LogVol00 /
/dev/sda1 /boot
/dev/Volume00/LogVol01 /home
/dev/Volume00/LogVol07 /opt
/dev/Volume00/LogVol02 /dev
/dev/Volume00/LogVol04 /usr
/dev/Volume00/LogVol03 /tmp
/dev/Volume00/LogVol06 /var/oracle
/dev/Volume00/LogVol05 /var