Hi All!

Currently in my .twmrc file I have the following...

Function "circup-mgr" { f.circleup }
Function "circdown-mgr" { f.circledown }
"F11" = : root|window|frame|title|iconmgr : f.function "circup-mgr"
"F12" = : root|window|frame|title|iconmgr : f.function "circdown-mgr"

The circup-mgr and circdown-mgr functions change focus but don't move
the pointer. I would like to have the circup-mgr and circdown-mgr
functions warp the pointer to the new window as well. Twm has a warpto
function but this requires a string parameter - name of the window -
which I want to be the current window..

Any advice would be most welcome!