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> Hello everybody,
> First of all, I'm spanish so sorry my bad english. I have a problem
> with the second CD of RH9 free when I'm installing it as a VMWare's
> guest, the system says something like this:
> "packet .....rpm it's corrupt..."
> This is not posible cause I have tried with lots of CDs
> "...or your reader can't read this CD"
> Not posible too, because of in that case my CD Reader would done the
> same with the first one.
> Any ideas?
> Do you know any page where I can find some information about how to
> burn a DVD with the three CDs of RH9?
> Sorry my english again ;-(

Awhile ago I encountered the same issue and eventually found the
following on VMWare's support site:

1. When the installer asks for the second CD, remove the first CD from
the drive and leave the drive empty.

2. Tell the installer to continue. It closes the CD drive tray, then
gives an error message when it finds no CD.

3. Insert the second CD and tell the installer to continue. It should
read the second CD correctly and installation should continue with no

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