Hi ,

I am trying to set up a virtual private network using cipe-1.4.5-16 on
Redhat 9 Linux. I followed all the instructions for setting up cipe

In /etc/cipe, i copied the options file to options.cipbcb0 and edited
the following to look like this:

# Surprise, this file allows comments (but only on a line by

# This is probably the minimal set of options that has to be set

# Without a "device" line, the device is picked dynamically

# the peer's IP address
ptpaddr 67.xx.xxx.101
# our CIPE device's IP address
ipaddr 67.xx.xxx.102
# my UDP address. Note: if you set port 0 here, the system will pick
# one and tell it to you via the ip-up script. Same holds for IP
me 67.xx.xxx.102:1234
# ...and the UDP address we connect to. Of course no wildcards here.
# The static key. Keep this file secret!
# The key is 128 bits in hexadecimal notation.
key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The key was generated by ps -aux|md5sum

After this, i want to check if CIPE server is running properly before
installing the client on a windows 2003 machine. How can i do that..?

Any help will be appreciated..