I am trying to find if there are any gotchas for using Redhat
Enterprise WS instead of AS or ES for a Dell 2650 Internet server.

Both the WS and ES versions are limited to two CPUs, but since the
system can only hold two CPUs this is a non-issue. The 2650 holds up
to 12 GB memory, ES is limited to 8 GB of memory, but the AS and WS
versions are not limited so for me the ES option is out.

I don't need all of the pre-installed server applications on AS since
I would recompile them anyway. Further, I have been using Redhat Linux
for years, and I have never needed to use their support services so I
don't care much about the Premium support option available for AS.

Am I missing something? Is there a reason I wouldn't want to use WS
for this Internet server?