This is the situation,
We have got here a Redhat AS 2.1 on a DL760 from HP connected to a IBM
ESS trought two emulex cards 9802 with the IBM sdd functionality.

Anyway, the window$ guys have got the same material configuration.

The things is that I have got poor performance rates.
With my linux Box, I have got only 80Mbits/s in using dd.
With their Windows Boxes, they have got 300Mbits/s in using a

As this is the first time that I configure an Emulex card I did not
change any parameters in the emulex card configuration file in the
contrary of Window$ guys who have experiences with these type of card.

So I assume that my bottleneck is there but I can not prove it.
Could someone help me to fine tume the emulex card or tell me how to
fix my problem.

Thanks you very much in advance for your help.

Best Regards