It's a bug in Vmware.
Try to enable legacy device emulation for virtual CD-ROM.
"Bitter" ???????/???????? ? ???????? ?????????: om...
> Hello everybody,
> First of all, I'm spanish so sorry my bad english. I have a problem
> with the second CD of RH9 free when I'm installing it as a VMWare's
> guest, the system says something like this:
> "packet .....rpm it's corrupt..."
> This is not posible cause I have tried with lots of CDs
> "...or your reader can't read this CD"
> Not posible too, because of in that case my CD Reader would done the
> same with the first one.
> Any ideas?
> Do you know any page where I can find some information about how to
> burn a DVD with the three CDs of RH9?
> Sorry my english again ;-(