I have a CD with lots of important information that is damaged beyond
repair according to many windows and a linux application with the
exception of BadCopy Pro. The CD is one of the cheaper types with the
smooth, shinny, silver top side and the problem is not the
scratches(there aren't many of them) rather these blotches that are
not in either the top or bottom surfaces.
In windows I've tried:
cdroller (www.cdroller.com)
phonix stellar (www.stellarinfo.com)
backup copy
cd x rescure (www.321studios.com)

In linux I've tried:
dd_rescue /dev/cdrom cdrescue
dd_rescue -r /dev/cdrom cdrescue2 (the -r switch makes the process
start at the end)
Ultimately, I cannot mount either cdrescue or cdrescue2 so that I can
fsck it. Lastly, I burned both cdrescue and cdrescue2 onto a CD and
tried reading that on many PC, Mac, and Linux machines. No luck, the
disk seems to be empty even though the cdrescue files are not empty.

So far, no luck with any thing until I tried BadCopy Pro. In "lost
files #2" mode, BadCopy is retrieving some files although I only have
a list of them. I have not been able to check the contents of single
I want to know if there is a Linux app that can get the job done.
My goal is NOT to avoid buying a license of BadCopy Pro but hopefully
find an even better program or one that used in conjuction with
BadCopy could save more files. Any suggestions? Thank you.