I have some miseries from this.

1.) I have several users. I can login as root, myself, and two others at the
windowing level (run level 5), but one of the others (boinc) comes up with a
completely black screen. Ctl-Alt-Bksp gets me back to the login window, so I
imagine I actually got logged in.

I can also do Ctl-Alt-PF1 and login as boinc that way, and it works. But if
I do ps -fu boinc, lots of desktop-related processes are missing.

Why is that? Where should I even look? Is there a way to set default
settings for the desktop so I could start?

2.) If I am logged in as root, I can make new desktop icons by dragging from
the menu (the one you get when clicking on the Red Hat at the lower left of
the panel on my system. They then work as expected.
If I am logged in as anyone else, if I do this, an Icon appears, but it
is wrong, and it does not work. It looks like a listing that (were it big
enough) would say, in part (for RealPlayer 10):

[Desktop Entry]
Name=RealPlayer 10
Name[de]=RealPlayer 10
Name[es]=RealPlayer 10
Name[fr]=RealPlayer 10

and if I double-click it I get a dialog box that says

The player does not have the capabilities to this content.

and another window that is RealPlayer 10 that works just fine.

This seems to be a permissions problem, but where in X, GNOME, ..., could it

The existing three icons work, sort of.

3.) If I click the "jdbeyer's Home" icon, I get the listing or thumbnails of
the files present. If I select anything, it goes into Evince Document Viewer
and if I picked a .jpg file, it complains "Unable to open document."

But if the root user does the same thing, it works fine, using Eye of GNOME
for that.

These may all be related, but it is very vexing.

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