installed cygwin and OpenSSH and it runs as the CYGWIN sshd service.

process eplorer from sysinternals shows me, that cygwin sshd service
consists of a father and child instance of cygrunsrv and a sshd process.
when i try to log off my xp user desktop, i can watch that cygrunsrv
father starts to context switch in a very busy manner.
the log off procedure is rather delayed by the cygwin sshd service,
compared to the performance which is when the service is not running.

when i come back with a user desktop, and look up system behaviour with
process explorer, it tells me, that cygrunsrv-father is still switching

my OS is XP x64, cygrunsrv version is 1.17, sshd.exe is OpenSSH_4_3p2,
OpenSSL 0.0.8b.

is there any solution to prevent CYGWIN ssh Service from delaying the
log-off and shutdown-procedure?