I wanted to know if these 250GB Drives, Linux Unsupported by Western
Digital, these are NAS devices.

Are there any known issues with these drives or the Buffalo LinkStation
Network Storage Center 250GB ?

What would be a better product to run as an NAS using FC 4?

I am curious to this since my feedback from both WD and Buffalo are to check
the Linux newsgroups and that the WD is NOT supported with Linux, but there
is no reason why one couldn't use it as an NAS under linux.

The buffalo unit states this:

Model: HD-H250LAN

.. 250 GB Network Attached Storage**
.. Quick and Easy Installation
.. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Systems
.. Additional Drive Capacity via USB 2.0 Ports
.. Managed Backups over the network or via USB 2.0 to External Storage
.. Built-in Print Server*
.. Built-in FTP Server
.. Minimal Power Consumption and Scheduleable Auto-power Off
.. Compact, Aesthetic Design
.. Silent Internal Fan
.. Internal Power Supply

While the Western Digital unit states it only is compatible with Microsoft
and Macintosh systems.

Any feedback is most appreciated.

Thank you,