I have been attempting to install FC5 in a P3 Celeron 400 mHz PC,
formerly running W2K Pro. Obviously, this is not enough machine for any
GUI function, but I wish to use it only as a simple firewall for my home
LAN. (BTW, I am currently running FC3 on an IBM p2 266 for the same

Starting with a rather old CDROM, I began to install linux in text only
mode and all the defaults. Well it didn't get past the dependency
checks. I gradually lowered the requirements to what I thought was the
lowest configuration with similar negative results. From a hint given
me by my office guru, I grabbed a relatively new 50X CDROM and saw a
significantly faster loading operation. But any configuration I have
tried so far has crashed with a "Fatal Python error: Inconsistent
Interned String State." message.

I even went out and bought a new Sony DRU 820A Dual layer DVD-RW burner,
which also sees the same errors.

Any ideas on how to correct this process.

BTW, the FC5 Disk 1 has been check by the install program.