I have a problem of remote connection on Fedora 4 with VNC. I configured
Xinetd to start Xvnc when a remote connection is executed (services, xdmcp
enable, ...). To have a secure connection, I use SSH to use VNC in a
tunneling. All is working good, when I start my VNC client, I can see the
logon window of Fedora 4. I can logon. Then, all is working good with Gnome.
But when I start an application using the root access, for example the
network configuration, Fedora ask me the root password, I enter it, but
after the application is not started (despite the icone display of the root
authorization on the up right of the screen).

Then, I tried to start the application in command line under root like this:

System reply:
Xlib: connection to "fedora.test:1.0" refused by server
Xlib: No protocol specified

ERROR: impossible to initialize the graphical environment. The failure is
due to the application is not executed using a graphical environment. Try to
start your user graphical interface, or configure your DISPLAY variable.
(I translated in english the system reply)

Before a lot of search, I didn't find solution.
If you have it, I will test it.

Thank you ;o)