I am running Apache 2 on RH ES (no load balancing or clustering),
running multiple virtual hosts (each with their own log files). I am
rotating these log files weekly using Cronolog
(%Y__access.log.%W) and have setup Webalizer conf
files for each of these.

How I was planning to do it was to use Cronolog's -S and -P to have a
..thisweek and .lastweek access files with Webalizer's config set to
read .lastweek. I can then archive older log files later in the week.

However, Apache does go through any number of graceful restarts during
the week (mainly because mod_perl2's object reload doesn't seem to be
working 100% as desired). I think that the Apache restart causes
..lastweek to link the same file as .thisweek (Cronolog gets confused).
The restarts are, realistically, unavoidable.

Any suggestions on a different way to achieve my goal (or a way to fix
the above)?

The aim is to produce stats weekly, rotate regularly (preferably
weekly) and archive at least monthly (or 4 weekly, whatever).

Many Thanks.