Hi people ,

I have recently purchased a HP PSC-1610 all in one printer , scanner and
copier and I have it installed on my Win 98 box and it works good.

I also have a FC3 box connected to the Win 98 box and I want to use the HP
printer from the FC3 as a networked printer and I am unsure about which
driver to install on the FC3 box.
The two drivers that I have downloaded are


From the Linux Printing web page http://www.linuxprinting.org/ it says that
the HPIJS is the one to use for basic printing functionality and the HPLIP
is the driver for full functionality , IE - scanning and photo card unload
.... etc.

Can anybody tell me which would be the better driver to use for setting up a
network printer in FC3 to connect to a Win 98 box.
( I have samba set up and working between FC3 and the Win98 box )


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