I am having a strange problem at login with my FC4 system. I've been
running for months with a custom kernel (needed for Win4Lin, rlocate,
etc.), but decided for grins to install the latest official FC4 kernel.
I have been booting into initlevel 5, but switched to 3 so I could
compile the module for the nvidia driver. Everything went well, but
after checking out the new kernel, I booted with my custom kernel.
Except now it won't let me login from level 3! Here's what happens:

Jan 6 08:05:56 pavi login(pam_unix)[1911]: session opened for user
sgage by (uid=0)
Jan 6 08:05:56 pavi pam_loginuid[1911]: set_loginuid failed opening
Jan 6 08:05:56 pavi pam_loginuid[1911]: set_loginuid failed
Jan 6 08:05:56 pavi login[1911]: Cannot make/remove an entry for the
specified session

If I boot to the just-installed FC4 kernel, it lets me in just fine. I
switched back to initlevel 5, and I can login to my custom kernel fine
that way! Very strange.

I uninstalled the FC4 kernel, but still no joy. Does anyone have any
idea what's going on, and how I might fix it? I'm content to login via
gdm, but would like to be able to use level 3 as well, and besides, I
just want to know what's going on.


- Steve