I have recently upgraded from FC3 to FC4-64 on HP Pavillion 650 desktop.

Athlone 64 3200
512 ram
80gig hd
ATI Radeon 3200

I did a completely clean install to avoid any upgrade problems. Install
went fine. Then did yum update - which seemed to go fine. However it now
keeps hanging (two times out of three roughly - ie not every time - which
seems very wierd) at login - in fact I don't even get the gnome login
screen - the screen goes blank at that stage. Doesn't seem to matter which
Kernel I use - it happens with both the one that came with the DVD
download - and the updated version. My monitor and graphics card are
correctly configured - at least they are recognised - resolution set at
1024X768. Any suggestions would be very muck appreciated - please pitch
instructions at newbie/extreme amateur level though.

Sean Watson