Hey everyone,

I was wondering what the best way (hopefully easy also) to set up a ftp user
that can transfer files, delete files, make/delete directories, etc...
only to the Apache Document root.

Up until now, I've been using XAMPP. It uses ProFTP and has the root ftp
directory set as the Apache Document root, which causes every user to be
jailed to that directory.

I am now using the RPM packages for Apache and ProFTP instead of XAMPP. I
read the instructions for ProFTP and am quite confused by them.

Here's what I'm trying... I created a user "www" with nologin. I set the
home directory to /var/www/html and changed to owner/group
for /var/www/html to www/www. I'm not sure how secure this is.

Anyone have better ideas that this? I appreciate your input.