Hi group,

I have been trying to fire a custom script for thr hotplug event of USB
key insertion. I followed all the instructions mentioned at the
following link:

I created a folder called usb/ under /etc/hotplug.d and copied my
custom script under this directory. All my script does is checks
whether the USB drive has been mounted on /media/usbdisk. If it is not
then the script mounts it and finally copies a file onto the local
I wanted to fire this event after KDE/Gnome has mounted the USBdisk to
/media/usbdisk as it is in FC3.

However, the script fails to get fired on USB key insertion even if I
copy it to the default folder of /etc/hotplug.d. The script runs
perfectly if run from the bash shell.

Also I would be very grateful if someone could enlighten me about how
KDE/Gnome captures the event and creates a drive icon on the desktop.

Am I missing out something? Any help would be great.

Thanks a lot!