I've been using Fedora Core 3 with very few problems every since it was
released. I've been able to resolve those problems with research and
changing for settings.
However I just encountered a problem I'm stumped on how to resolve.

I shutdown my laptop and rebooted my linksys router and Westell DSL
cable modem. I have done this before with out problems. I restarted the
modem first, then the linksys router, then my laptop.

Now for some weird reason I can't seem to establish a connection to
certain websites, primarily www.cnn.com, www.aol.com and www.google.com
nor can I sign on to my aol instant messenger. Every other site in my
book marks I can get to except these three from the Linux laptop,

I get the following message "Connection was refused when attempting to
contact www.cnn.com"

I get the same message whether I use the firefox or mozilla web browser.

Even with kconqueror I get the following

"An error occurred while loading http://www.cnn.com:
Timeout on server
Connection was to www.cnn.com at port 80"

I have another laptop running windows XP, and I can connect to the
websites fine from it, both laptops are connected to the same linksys

Any ideas to what I need to be looking for.