I have freed up some space on one of my drives by deleting a Whinedoze
partition and would like to resize the adjacent ext3 partition. From a
parted session:

Using /dev/hdc
(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/hdc: 0.000-57241.898 megabytes
Disk label type: msdos
Minor Start End Type Filesystem Flags
1 0.031 101.975 primary fat32
2 101.975 7106.879 extended
5 102.006 1106.037 logical ext3 boot
6 1106.068 2612.131 logical ext3
7 2612.162 4816.362 logical fat32
8 4816.393 7106.879 logical fat32
3 7106.880 17626.003 primary ext3
(parted) q

The vfat partition was the last one on the disk and the ext3 partition was
next-to-last, so the command to use with parted would be:

parted /dev/hdc3 resize 3 7106.880 -0

No problems doing that, but my question is(before I do something stupid):

What does parted do with the new space on the partition. Will it extend
the current filesystem without destroying data on the partition? I.e.,
will it add the necessary superblocks, inodes etc.?


$ info parted

....suggests that this is the case, but doesn't explicitly say so. It would
be nice to know that I won't lose the data on the disk.

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