Problem: IP over Firewire won't work

Sys: RedHat-FC-3/2.6.9-1.667smp

Done so far: - modprobed ieee1394,raw1394,ohci1394,eth1394 without any
error, or message
- changed /etc/modprobe.conf (because /etc/modules.conf does
not exist and Syntax implements that 'modprobe.conf'=
'modules.conf'): inserted the line 'alias eth1 eth1394'
- tryed to ifconfig eth1 ==> device missing, cant initialise
(original code in german)

Checked so far: - lsmod: modules ieee1394,raw1394 & ohci1394 are
listed, eth1394 is _NOT_ listed!
- obsolete: looked for eth1394.ko, and yes... it's present,
(otherwise modprobe would have produced an Error Message)

So what went wrong ?