I have a PC with three NICs intalled in this order:

1st PCI bay: Realtek (8139too module)
2nd PCI bay: Intel (e100 module)
3rd PCI bay: Realtek (8139too module)

I have an alias in /etc/modules.conf for each of them, but no matter
in which order I put the lines in this file or the PCI NICs in the
slots, when the 8139too module is loaded, it gets loaded twice.

The problem with this is that the corresponding devices assigned to
the Realtek NICs are always correlative (either 'eth0 and eth1' or
'eth1 and eth2').

And for example if /etc/modules.conf looks like this:

alias eth0 8139too
alias eth2 e100

I do not even need to write an alias for eth1, because it is
automatically assigned to the other Realtek card and then eth2 is
assigned the e100 module.

Is this behaviour normal? I have achieved to change the names of the
devices using the HWADDR and DEVICE labels in the ifcfg-eth* files,
but then when I do a 'show ip address', eth2 comes listed before eth1.
That is only a cosmetic problem, but I am interested in knowing if the
behaviour of the 8139too module loading twice is normal.

Sorry for the long post.