In the notification area of the panel is a round dot.
This dot is normally blue with a checkmark. From time to time it changes
to a red dot with a blinking exclamation point (indicating updates are
available from Red Hat using the up2date program). In the past, this did
not do much, as far as my Internet connection was concerned.

Recently, after an update disaster involving reinstalling the whole thing
and restoring a lot of files from backup, it appears to work normally.

BUT: approximately once a minute, it engages in dialogue with Red Hat
( and for a brief interval.
Unfortunately, this keeps the dial-up connection up all the time.

I tried turning off the /etc/rc.d/init.d/rhnsd daemon, and it turns off
OK, but dies not solve the problem. The only way I can think of to stop
this is to right-click the dot and select Exit.

What file is it that has the parameter for this? Or how to I fix it?
It does not seem to be the file

[/etc/sysconfig/rhn]$ cat rhnsd

because that still has the 240 second (4 hour) interval for the daemon.
The problem seems to be in the applet.

There is a file for the applet, but it has nothing about an interval in there.

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