I'm running RH 9.0 and recently upgraded to kernel 2.6.7. I upgraded
from kernel 2.4.25 and essentially let most of the defaults persist
during "make oldconfig".

However, after install and reboot, most things are working fine but
the "w" and "finger" etc commands are giving mixed up results:
- someone's current job being shown as someone else's (in "w"
- "last" command shows every user as "gone -- no logout"
- "finger" shows that my users are being logged in for some 195
- For users logging into the system with ssh, the pts number goes on
sequentially increasing. This didn't used to happen earlier.

I concluded that the utmp wtmp lastlog files must have got screwed and
I initialized each of these files. But this problem has cropped up

How can I fix these problems. All of them seem to be correlated.

Any help/directions would be welcome.