Subject: System broken with chown -R as root
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some weeks ago I said inadvertently ' chown -R /* user1:user1 ' as root ; the
seemingly affected dirs were /bin /boot /dev /etc ; terrified I made a full
backup, then tried to repair with

chown -R 0:0 /bin /boot /dev /etc

and restarted. the system and its dialup connection seemed working. But
yesterday I noticed that my HP670C printer doesnt work ; should depend on linux
because the 'printing' menu entry in

Kde menu (a red hat) -> System Settings

has disappeared. reinstalling the printer didnt help; finally I also scrambled
with chown and chmod something else, also in /var/spool/lpd

I m afraid I must reinstall the system because of this printing problem, but
it would be philosophically more satisfactory to fix the problem with chown and chmod

I use Linux Professional 8.0 (a redhat)

Any help, maybe from redhat people ? At least as 'ls -l' or 'find ... -ls' lists
giving the native redhat ownership and permission in /var/spool /bin /boot /dev
/etc ?

Or a way to reinstall only the print subsystem?

Thank you