Hello NVidia has a new driver with agp support for some Chipsets ... ( mine
is the SIS 650 )

Has anybody had done this and it works ?

Here is a list for Cards are supported from nvidia

o Intel 440LX
o Intel 440BX
o Intel 440GX
o Intel 815 ("Solano")
o Intel 820 ("Camino")
o Intel 830
o Intel 840 ("Carmel")
o Intel 845 ("Brookdale")
o Intel 845G
o Intel 850 ("Tehama")
o Intel 855 ("Odem")
o Intel 860 ("Colusa")
o Intel 865G ("Springdale")
o Intel 875P ("Canterwood")
o Intel E7205 ("Granite Bay")
o Intel E7505 ("Placer")
o AMD 751 ("Irongate")
o AMD 761 ("IGD4")
o AMD 762 ("IGD4 MP")
o AMD 8151 ("Lokar")
o VIA 8371
o VIA 82C694X
o VIA KT133
o VIA KT266
o VIA KT400
o VIA P4M266
o VIA P4M266A
o VIA P4X400
o RCC 6585HE
o Micron SAMDDR ("Samurai")
o Micron SCIDDR ("Scimitar")
o NVIDIA nForce
o NVIDIA nForce2
o NVIDIA nForce3
o ALi 1621
o ALi 1631
o ALi 1647
o ALi 1651
o ALi 1671
o SiS 630
o SiS 633
o SiS 635
o SiS 645
o SiS 646
o SiS 648
o SiS 648FX
o SiS 650
o SiS 655FX
o SiS 730
o SiS 733
o SiS 735
o SiS 745
o ATI RS200M

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